5 Habits of Good Hair Treatment

Hair loss caused of a not healthy scalp. There are many causes of hair and scalp problems, such as genetical problem, hormonal, foods, life style, and excessive activities. Women’s scalp is more strong than men’s scalp, however women’s scalp system have more problems,because of cosmetic which use any chemical products. Men is easily get dandruff, because of its scalp tend to oily, more active in life, and have a high stress level.

There’re five tips in hair treatment that can be applied in good habitial:

1.    Washing your hair everyday.

This is important to make your hair and scalp are always clear and health.

2.     Avoid of sunlight contact directly.

Sunlight  can destruct cell, moreover it’s in daylight.

3.     Consume vegetables, fruits, and get enough rest.

Nutrition and get enough rest help to care hair and scalp.

4.     Using hair treatment product appropriately.

Notice about a contain of hair treatment product whether it’s danger to harm your hair and scalp, If necessary, contact the doctor to get consultation.

5.     Combing hair deligently

Not only tidy the hair up, but to accelerate blood circulation also.

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